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My Gear

This is a list of the stuff that I use in my YouTube videos. If you buy anything by clicking these links, I make money from the Amazon Associates program.

If you have any questions about any of my other stuff, get in touch and I'll be sure to update this page!

Video Gear

The sony a5000 is the starter camera in Sony's alpha lineup, and it's awesome. I've loved using it. One huge advantage that it has over the pricier a6000 and beyond series is the flip up screen. If you plan on vlogging, a flip up screen is almost necessary.

It works. Enough said.

GoPros are generally pretty overpriced. This one is not. Having a tiny camera that you can carry around anywhere you go is super useful.

Absolutely invaluable. I take 95% of my shots using this. It seems pricey, at $50, but the quality is there and I wouldn't trust a knockoff brand for this.

I think that having a quality microphone is super important. If you plan on taking any calls, doing any voiceovers, doing anything really, the onboard microphones on your phone/laptop/camera are just not good enough. $50 is a bargain for high quality audio.

School Gear

I used to hate spending more than $0.25 on a pencil. What's the point, right? Wrong. I bought my first kuru toga over a year and a half ago, and have used it to write the most important tests/exams of my life. It's beautifully weighted and the lead stays sharp. I'm a big fan of this pencil. For $10 it's a steal, to be honest. Investing in quality supplies is something you have to do.

Leuchtturm makes simple, no nonsense, high quality notebooks. This is the best notebook that I've ever used--better than any moleskine, for sure. I use it every day, and it cost me less than $20. Definitely worth it.