JF résumé notes social


Back at it again with a new site. The old one I hadn't touched in about a year, and hadn't written significant content for in about a year and a half. I think the major reason behind this was that I was using home-half-baked solftware to run the site, which is never a great idea.

I rewrote the site this afternoon. It's feature-bare, which I'm fond of. Every article is a markdown file that is parsed in python and generated to HTML. This has the big advantage of being able to write in any editor that I want, offline or online, and easily generating my site quickly. I called my previous static site generator trout, and I'm gonna stick with that. I'll further develop trout once everything is all put together, but for now it's just styling and generating content.

I want to use this website to display video content and code content. That means that I have to have a robust method for displaying YouTube videos, and a robust method for integrating GitHub content. I have the YouTube part figured out, but I'm still not sure about the GitHub stuff--we'll deal with that when we get there, I guess.