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Last week on Wednesday, May 10 and Thursday, May 11, I competed in my final regional track and field meet--my final WCSSAA championship. Here's how it went down.

The Day Before

Tuesday, May 9. I went to relay practice with the school team to practice handoffs for the 4x100m. 3km warmup+full drills alongside about 6 handoffs (which are effectively 30m accels).

Day One

The first day started off on not a great note; I slept pretty poorly the night before, and was exhausted. I decided that I needed to rest and caffeinate.

I headed down to the Tims, grabbed a large earl grey and ate my lunch. I then grabbed a coffee, and headed back to the track.

My first race of the meet was the 400m. This was my first 400m in almost a year, and I had done literally 0 speed work on the track prior to this (and it showed). I think I ran 51.47, which isn't awful all things considered.

About 30 minutes later, I ran the 1500m. I won the 1500m by a big margin after taking out the first 600m in 1:32. The wind and cold and lactic in my legs told me to back off or face certain peril.

In day one, I took home 18 points (second in the 400, first in the 1500), which is exactly what I did last year.

Day Two

On the second day of the meet, I was again pretty tired (I don't know why, but I slept horribly both nights). I caffeinated again, decided to go with a V8 energy drink this time (because it's fruit juice, which is arguably way more yummy than coffee).

First event of the day was the 800m for me. The goal, given the wind and cold, was to just run a few hundred meters hard at the end of the race. I split 62 for my first 400m (LOL) and then hit a nice 57 with about a 41s 300m that included 100m of headwind. Overall, a decent negative split, and an easy win.

I followed up the 800m with a 4x100m, which we got disqualified from because my third leg dropped the baton (I was so excited to anchor, too), but I still ran the 100m because why not?

Concluding the meet, I ran the 4x400. I anchored the boys to our second consecutive 4x400m win, splitting a 50 high to pull away from second place by a large 30-40m gap on the second place (although there was some drama with me getting pushed around).

The Awards

I took home second individual with 28 points--the guy who beat me in the 400m, Owen Read, also won the 100m and 200m to pull off the perfect 30 point triple. Gotta respect it.

The team won Senior Boys, Overall Boys, and--for the very first time in my highschool career, taking it away from the 5x defending champions--we won the overall WCSSAA points title.

It was a pretty excellent 2 days, and I'm looking forward to the meets in the coming weeks.